The Upstate’s Top-Tier Real Estate Development Group

Site Acquisitions & Entitlements

Divine Group is at the forefront of all real estate projects working closely to identify, entitle, and acquire real estate across the Southeast for Commercial and Residential Development. The Divine Group is strategically equipped with a real estate brokerage firm that allows them to keep a finger on the pulse at all times.

Residential Subdivision Development

As trusted real estate developers, we work closely with engineers and city planners to ensure a thoughtful and beneficial development for the community. We work hand in hand with national and regional home builders to provide infrastructure development for their neighborhoods. Through our partnerships with graders and utility contractors, we are able to ensure a smooth development from beginning to end. 

Commercial Development

For over 20 years, the executive team at Divine Group has been creating a commercial portfolio with a wide variety of retail assets. The Divine Group’s retail investment strategy is centered on long-term value, prioritizing the acquisition, development and management of cash-flowing assets to build a strong and sustainable portfolio.

Why Divine Group?

The Divine Group focuses on providing services and solutions to the private, public, and Opportunity Zone sectors. Comprising a vertical that encompasses all avenues necessary for successful execution of projects in the both the southeast and Opportunity Zones across the country from inception to fruition (and beyond!). The Divine Group brings visions to life in ways that assure maximum benefit to both the private participants and the general public.