Building A Brighter Future For All.

Our Mission

We provide full-stack, top-tier Construction Development & Real Estate services for both the Opportunity Zone Program and the public at large. 

Our Vision

We create long-term, intergenerational, reciprocative opportunities with the projects we develop alongside the material benefits we create for our clients. 

Krut Patel

Mr. Krut Patel is a remarkably capable developer and visionary who has been intimately involved with real estate projects of varying size and scope since his youth. Currently, he applies his acumen and expertise to preside over dozens of projects in both commercial and residential real estate as well as the energy sector and emerging technologies (Crypto, NFTs, Virtual Worlds, et al) interchangeably as Founder/Co-Founder, Principal, and Chief Executive Officer.

Krut is now excited to turn his focus to the Opportunity Zone space and apply his experience to empower a full-stack vertical for Construction Development that will bring dreams to life across the country. His unique abilities to identify and execute upon particularly fruitful endeavors from pre-surveying of raw land to full occupancy of completed structures and beyond combine with his passion for simultaneously maximizing benefits for current stakeholders and future generations, which positions The Divine Group (and Auspicious Opportunities, by proxy) for unparalleled success.

Chad Carson

As a native of Greenville, South Carolina, Chad has witnessed first-hand the growth of Greenville and its surrounding areas. From a small town to a now thriving city that’s considered a top place to live in the county, he has lived through the ever-changing development and has a great understanding of just how important growth is to a community and city.

With a background in multiple fields, including real estate, automotive, and the customer service industry, Chad brings a diverse background that allows him to see opportunities in a different light and brings a “think outside the box” mentality. As Project Manager in a field that evolves daily, his ability to overcome obstacles and challenges makes him a good fit within an organization that constantly pushes the envelope of real estate development and land management.

John Plank

John Plank

As the Broker In Charge for The Divine Group’s Real Estate Division, John’s leadership and experienced background supports a consistent, well rounded, and professional approach to all situations within the ever-changing development industry. John is a third-generation real estate professional who spent considerable time as a child in the corner of his Grandmothers firm, observing transactions and learning the trade at an early age.

John’s family has also been involved in the majority of US Conflicts dating all the way back to WW1. Given the current state of world affairs at the time he graduated Highschool, John wanted to fulfill his patriotic duty. John spent 6 years from 2004 to 2010 serving active duty in the United States Airforce as a Staff Sergeant with the 96th Security Forces Squadron. In this time, he completed three deployments (totaling 18 months overseas) in direct support of Operation Iraqi Freedom with multiple decorations to show. During his time in the Military, John also completed his Associates Degree in the Applied Science of Criminal Justice.

In his post-military career, he shifted his focus to family. Subsequently, he became a Husband to his Wife, Father to their two Sons, and became a full time Firefighter/EMT for the City. While simultaneously working towards his undergraduate degree, John was also part of the State’s Emergency Response Team where he was a Rescue SCUBA Diver and Swift Water Rescue Technician. He was heavily involved with hurricane/flood deployments for post disaster rescue efforts alongside FEMA. After graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Business and Finance, John and his family felt it was time to leave public service behind, and continue the tradition in real estate. John became licensed and was recruited by a national commercial firm, where, after five years of proven sales and leadership, he was promoted to Senior Advisor. His natural gravitation towards development inevitably crossed paths with The Divine Group, where he was brought on board the team to head up their Real Estate Division.